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Greetings Tenno and welcome to TQR, we are a clan based in the game Warframe, a dark themed TPSMMO SciFi game. Here on this clan page you will find important announcements relating to the game, clan events etc. Discussions on important topics will also be posted to help answer questions or discuss general ideas that founders can offer to the devs while the game is still in it's Beta.
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We Don't Use This Site Anymore!

by Manic_machiavelli, 555 days ago

That's right! We moved! A few weeks ago! If you haven't noticed, its because you haven't been paying attention to the clan welcome message in game! We are now located at TQR.Enjin.com! Find it and join up! We are waiting for you.

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Greetings from Eorzia!

by Manic_machiavelli, 632 days ago

That is right we ARE expanding! Right into FF XIV! And I need your help. Yes, you specifically. We are starting a company that will be the greatest on the server. Why? Because it has you. We here at TQR are only interested in recruiting the best, and if you can read this, you are it. I need peeps to help with our in-game conquest, and the only way I can start a company is with four members minimum. Dragoonlord and I have already made our way in game, so we are there to help start you off. As a bonus, you are guaranteed a spot within our ranks, as your loyalty has already been proved. I am on the world coeurl, and my ign is manic machiacelli ( Typo for the time being, working on fixing, I was just so excited) and I wear a moogle hat. See you out there!

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This lovely clan website!

by S777, 640 days ago

This website needs much more activity on it and I will take suggestions from all of you, just PM me if you have any ideas or additions to the site which you think would increase activity here. Soon also the site will get the overhaul I talked about before the last event.

I also ask that everyone vote in the poll as it is very important when making decisions for the clan.

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